Whether you are facing mass layoffs, restructuring, or downsizing, providing outplacement services and support to employees is essential. Employers can reduce the costs of severance, benefits, and unemployment insurance by supporting off-boarding employees. Virtual HR & Company helps laid-off employees identify new employment opportunities in the shortest amount of time to secure a new job faster. 

Outplacement gives employees a positive view of the company and promotes reassurance amidst difficult times. We can help create a smooth transition for everyone. Our transitioning package includes weekly one-on-one career assistance and support for 45 days to maximize the effectiveness of the employee’s job search.

Our Outplacement Support Package includes: 

* Resume Writing

* Assistance with job search

* Assistance with filing unemployment claim (optional)

* Interview practice and prep

* Creating LinkedIn profile (optional)

Interested in learning more about our Outplacement Job Transition Services? Please email us to discuss our pricing.