Virtual HR & Company partners with business leaders and HR professionals to recruit quality and retainable talents. We provide businesses the option to either outsourced recruitment entirely or hire our experienced company as a contractor or vendor without adding to their headcount. At Virtual HR & Co, our team maintains the highest level of professionalism where our clients can rely on us for outstanding support and can see us as a trusted partner. Our mission is to provide quality and recruitment solutions both temporarily and long-term to service hospitality companies, healthcare, and other entities.

We are Not a Staffing agency and do not have temporary staff on payroll for companies to hire. We work closely with business leaders and HR professionals to provide virtual recruitment support in which we help them find the ideal candidates they are seeking. We solely focus on Direct Hire Role (Placement). Our company handles advertisements, sourcing, screenings, and scheduling interviews. As add-ons, we conduct reference checks, background screenings, drug tests, and E-verify for new hires.

In today’s workforce, companies are now spending more money on technology investments that can assist in recruitment. While this is a good strategy, investing in a company like Virtual HR & Co puts our clients in a position to work closely with a recruiter and build a long-lasting relationship. We have the technology, solutions, and manpower to deliver!